20 Truths About Me – Your Virtuoso Travel Advisor

1. When you google Paris hotels, you get 1,516 properties. I know the best choice in the city, and the best choice for you.

2. Tourist spend 2 hours standing in line to see the Vatican. I can arrange a private VIP tour with no wait.

3. If you want to dine at Napa’s infamous French Laundry, it takes 6 months to get a reservation, or you can call me – as your Virtuoso travel advisor.

4. As a Virtuoso travel advisor, I make it my life’s work to experience destinations around the world.

5. You get my knowledge and expertise every time I plan your travel.

6. Weather? Passport and visa? Local cuisine? Local customs? What to pack? Currency? As your Virtuoso travel advisor, I have the answers.

7. You can book your cruise online, or you can use me as your travel advisor and get the best price, a customized itinerary, and Voyageur Club amenities including: a personal onboard host, a VIP cocktail reception, an amazing shore excursion, the camaraderie of other Virtuoso travelers.

8. Best flight times? Baggage restrictions and fees? How to avoid jet lag? Aisle, window, or sleeper bed? Best airport to connect through? Aircraft type? Trust me as your travel advisor.

As your Virtuoso travel advisor, I am:

9. *an editor of information,

10.  *a life planner,

11. *a dream maker,

12 *a specialist with connections all over the world,

13. *an advocate when things go wrong, AND

14. *the one person who can make you a VIP wherever you travel….

15. *BECAUSE  you can’t VIP yourself!

You get:

16. *an extraordinary experience customized for you

17.  *your preferences are reflected in every aspect of your trip, every time,

18. *professional advice

19. *I draw upon first-hand knowledge when designing vacations for you

20. *global connections with hotels, tour companies, and cruise lines

21. to give you access to amenities and upgrades you can’t get on your own


Ok – that’s 21….


Call me!  I am your Virtuoso travel advisor. 613-837-0699 sheila.gh@vision2000.ca