This is How We Work


The first step is to schedule a consultation call. We get to know you. We learn where and how you've traveled previously, what has worked well, and what didn't. We delve into the experiences and interests you want for your bucket list trip.

We ask questions to understand what you value. We research the best product, travel experience, and supplier for you. We make recommendations. Then, we take care of the whole reservation process.

While you're travelling, we also work behind the scenes, to give you peace of mind. We ensure each segment goes as planned. Should you encounter something unexpected, we are there to help. And when you return, we connect to review. Because it's never about booking one trip at a time - it's about having an ongoing conversation about your travel bucket list.


We Have Multiple Steps to Our Collaborative Travel Planning Process

Each step strives to understand you and your travel dreams. Through clarity and choice, we ensure we are working with you on how best to travel to maximize your return on life.

We work in a very deliberate way - and - our process is a circle. The circle is never ending because we are not just helping you with one trip. Feedback from past trips feed into the design of your next trip. It is not about us booking you one trip at a time, but it’s about helping you with a lifetime of trips to fulfill your bucket list.

We help you maximize your 'return on life'. We specialize in crafting and stringing together life-affirming experiences that uplift and sustain you. Travel experiences enrich lives. They provide you with memories that grow in value over time. Our six steps to our process are as follows:

Our six steps to our process are as follows:








The 1st step is to get to know you. We delve into your travel preferences , interests, and must-haves.

We learn about your past travel experiences (what went well, what could improve), and probe your desires and interests for this trip.

By having you complete a survey, we have you start to sketch out your desired bucket list experience, and we work together to flesh out details.


The 2nd step is to collaborate. We begin the consultation by scheduling a phone consultation with you to review your survey, so that we can know your past experiences, and your interests for this trip.

We ask a lot of questions at this stage, digging deeper than those asked in the survey. We strive to learn what is important to you. We may invite you to complete a Wanderlust profile, or further delve into ideas and experiences. We may schedule zoom calls. And using your preferences as inputs, we draw upon our experience & industry connections to start to craft options.



The 3rd step is to start designing your bucket list holiday. We create a service agreement that outlines process and fees for you to engage our services. Armed with your preferences, we research the best product, travel experience, and supplier to match with you.

We do due diligence by reviewing pricing and specials, and competitive properties and experiences. We use our relationships and resources to secure "best of" for you. We sketch a proposal, outlining how we narrowed the range of options, reviewing research done and even options excluded. We review available financial savings or opportunities you cannot get by booking on your own, and we present our recommendations to you for agreement.



The 4th step is to reserve the holiday, turning recommendations into an action plan. We take care of the whole reservation process.

We reach out to our "feet on the ground" experts around the globe, comprised of the best hoteliers, cruise lines, tour operators, and destination management companies. We negotiate special perks - exclusive offers, exclusive benefits, access to upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, resort credits and more.

We finalize your selections, and ensure the pieces of your trip come together, and we build a complete itinerary for you, with contact details. And we summarize our work with a value statement.

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The 5th step has you experiencing the holiday, with us working behind the scenes.

We work to give you peace-of-mind, ensuring each segment goes as planned.

Should you encounter something unexpected, we are there to help. We work with our partners as your advocate.



The 6th step comes after you return home.

We want to hear about your travels.

We connect to review and have you share.

The feedback you share from the recently completed trip now feeds into the first step for your next trip.