252 Days of Vacation

     I’m thinking about a recent blog my partners at Big Five Tours wrote about family vacations. They wrote that you really only have 252 days to really holiday with your family.
     The idea is that you only have your children for 18 summers. If you assume 2 weeks of vacation a year, that 14 days x 18 years  = 252 days of vacation.  That’s all you really have to make it count, and to build memories that will last a lifetime. And that’s if you take all that time. It’s a powerful article. See here   http://www.bigfive.com/252-days-with-your-family/
     Of course, if your children are already launched, or maybe you travel solo, you still can think of your own travel in those 18 year snatches of time. We really don’t have much, do we? And, if your parents took care of your first 18 years, then as an adult, you really have, what, maybe 3 more cycles of 18 years that you’ll be traveling? (give or take…)

     What are you doing to maximize your return on life for your next 252 days of vacation?  What are you doing to change yourself and/or your family? What are you doing to change the world you live in, and experience it to the fullest? What experiential holiday are you planning? Call me!  I can help!
     As my friends at Big Five say, “our children become citizens of the world, they also gain the power to help change that world as they grow into it. That is why Big Five is a proud founding member of the Family Travel Association and embraces its mission to spread the word that the importance of family travel should not be underrated as a tool to help us save the planet.”
     We are all citizens of the world. We all have the power to help change it. And my friends at Big Five walk that talk. Have a look at this video clip of me interviewing Ashish Sanghrajka, President of Big Five Tours, about a special gift he’d arranged for one of my clients.
Fostering An Orphan Elephant.
     Here’s a picture of a gift basket we’d done.
     So where will you go and what will you do with your kids, your family, your partner, or by yourself?  The key lesson – go now.  Max your 252 days.
     Let’s chat!  Give me a call at 613-837-0699, or shoot me an email at sheila.gh@visiontravel.ca,  and we can strike a time to get your holiday sorted!