3rd Pull to Start the Decade’s Outboard Motor

As my fellow Newfoundlander, Rick Mercer, said when he hosted this year’s New Year’s Eve on CBC television, there is reason to be optimistic about 2022. Like Rick, I believe the future is bright.

Rick shared with us his nautical metaphor, and it was so good, I wanted you to see it (or rewatch it, if you caught it live).

Rick did his portion of the NYE show from Newfoundland, and, as is his tradition, did a sort of ‘rant’ – this time walking around Port de Grave Harbour. He shared a story about his Uncle Sol who had a boat with an outboard motor, and he was always fussing with it.. And how Uncle Sol often had 2 attempts at starting his boat, with the pulls sputtering and failing out. No matter what he did, it would never start on the 1st or 2nd pull. It would sputter. It would putter. Then go silent. But Uncle Sol’s 3rd pull got the outboard motor to catch.

As Rick shared, the 3rd pull was the charm. The 3rd pull was glorious, and the outboard motor came to life.

As Rick says, the last two years were the first 2 pulls of the decade. And this year, we’ll take off, and we won’t look back.

Watch this section of Rick’s broadcast from CBC below (I’ve started the link at his ‘rant’ portion).


And let’s all work together to ensure this 3rd pull to start the 2020 decade’s outboard motor is glorious.

I’m ready to pull again. How about you?