A Recipe for some Disney Vacation Magic

[tweetmeme] Take:
a.) 47 square-miles of Orlando swamp; drain well;
b.) add four theme parks, two water parks, golf courses and recreational activities galore;
c.) stir in dollops of families;
d.) blend in their hard-earned dollars; and
e.) bake, all together, under the intense Florida sun.

Sound like a recipe for disaster?

It can be – especially if you’ve ever exited Magic Kingdom Park after the fireworks, lugged a snoozing five-year-old on your back, joined the throngs of tantrum-throwing, overtired toddlers and their exasperated and totally-spent parents, and queued up for the hour-long bus ride, weaving in and out of Disney’s hotel strip, until you’ve finally arrived back at your resort and crawled into bed. But there is one sure-fire way to avert disaster and combine this recipe’s ingredients into vacation magic … stay at a monorail resort!

Remember that the Walt Disney World Resort (WDW) is huge. No matter how fit, excited, or good-natured your family is, if you try to squeeze every minute out of a park pass by being the first in and last out, you’ll get tired. Bone tired. But if you stay at a resort serviced by the monorail, you can regroup when Fantasyland starts to look like “La-La land.”

It’d be my pleasure to help you book a vacation at Disney; and I’d highly recommend a stay at one of the 3 monorail hotels that are on property – the Contemporary Resort, the Polynesian Resort, or the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa (my absolute favourite onsite property). Why not stay in centre of things, and in the heart of WDW? You deserve the best, right? Pamper yourself with the deluxe hotel amenities, and fantastic pools and water slides. Treat yourself to the ultimate vacation time-saver – the perfect location!

The best vacation experience comes when you stay where you play, and that is never more true than at WDW! Staying at an onsite monorail hotel will allow you to zip over to the Magic Kingdom Park early in the morning, zip away from the heat and crowds to a refreshing noon swim at your hotel, and then zip out again to Epcot in late-afternoon. No line ups or long bus rides for you – give yourself convenience and luxury, and time to still have some rest and relaxation built in too!

Here is some other information to think about concerning the monorails themselves:

o There are three different monorail lines running from the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) – the Express Line runs between Magic Kingdom Park and the TTC, the Epcot Line runs between Epcot and the TTC, and the Resort Line connects the monorail resorts to Magic Kingdom® Park and the TTC.

o The Resort Line runs clockwise, and leaves Magic Kingdom Park en route to the Contemporary, the TTC, the Polynesian, and the Grand Floridian.

o Disney’s Contemporary Resort is the best location for enthusiasts as the monorail runs right through the building’s A-frame. This resort is the closest to Magic Kingdom Park (even small kids can walk to the main gates in seven minutes). It’s also the first stop coming back. (Whereas staying at the Grand Floridian gets you first to Magic Kingdom riding the monorail.)

o Right now, safety issues are preventing upfront rides… but I keep hoping that will revert back, and we can again ask a monorail Cast Member if there’s room to ride up front with the pilot. It’s great to get a bird’s-eye view, as well as that souvenir co-pilot license.

o Just remember, each monorail journey starts with the words, “Please stand clear of the doors; por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas.”