This week, with the news that Canada is lifting the pre-entry testing requirements for fully vaccinated passengers on April 1st, the bucket list trips are ramping up in their planning.

This week alone, I’ve been talking to 3 different clients about Antarctica. We are indeed travel ready!

Here’s some info I shared with one client this morning who was early into their consideration of the trip to the 7th continent, and we are just starting our exploration of what is the right trip for them:

If you haven’t done a ton of research on Antarctica and companies, looking here will help you get started.

Lindblad Expeditions (who partners with National Geographic – and has NG photographers onboard) has been going to Antarctica for over 50 years. They are the best of the best. Higher price point comes with it – but – they have were the first company to take non-scientists to the Antarctic circle, and lead the way in conservation and sustainability. They have an awesome safety record, best and newest ships, top notch scientists and biologists and historians etc onboard, focus on the wildlife count not the sheet thread count (although their cabins are comfy and there are regular creature comforts), and they really set the bar in terms of standards in Antarctica. They are an awesome company, and I’ve sailed with them. (They are a preferred partner of mine, and I can VIP you should we get to that point in terms of making a booking, and get a couple of extra perks.)

I share the link not to say they are the best for you, or for any client – they may be, they may not be. I’ll dig into with you, as I do with all my clients, to matchmake you to the right product. We have to dig into it .

But – I share the link because the info they have on their website about Antarctica is top notch too. And it’ll help as you’re building excitement, now that you’ve committed to the trip, to learn more.

These information links (especially the first one) are also really quite good

Hope you find it helpful to learn more about Antarctica.

And – maybe South Georgia should be on your list!