Australia Night at Shepherd's Fashions

Australia is on my mind, for sure. I had a terrific event with Shepherd’s Fashions on Australia this week. So, I will feature some short-term and long-term getaways to down under.
What a wonderful gathering about Australia this week at Shepherd’s  Fashions, though. Here’s part of the presentation in video from ‘facebook live.’. If you’d like to learn what Leia Marvin and I spoke about, give it a watch.
And here’s a video I put together of flying over the Great Barrier Reef this April.  What a truly awe-inspiring experience to be in a little bush plane, flying over the hundreds and hundreds of reefs that make up the Great Barrier Reef as we made our way to Lizard Island Resort. Truly wonderful!
When I did my show with Leia Marvin of Travel2, we also created a terrific show offer for my attendees (which I can also extend to you, as my ezine recepient). See below.
Leia and I featured all kinds of unique getaways to Australia (and the South Pacific). I’m featuring a couple in the long-term getaways below (and they already have the show voucher above factored into the pricing show.) Please let me know if you’d like to go.
Of course, Australia visits can be a series of short-term getaways too, 3,4, or 5 or more days in one area, and then move to another. (Australia is larger than the continental USA, so you’re not going to see it all in two weeks.) I have a short-term stay to see the Australian Open in January in Melbourne, as well as a pre- and post-cruise offer as well  featured below.
And, as I’d mentioned, I have a couple of other short-term getaways to Newfoundland, New York City, and Arizona
Short term getaways? Long term getaways? We just need to factor in is your available time (so transportation can be key), and what memories you are hoping to bring home.
Email me!  Let’s schedule your dream vacation planning call today – whether it’s a short-term or long-term getway!
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Pre and Post Cruise Stays in Australia
Shorter Stays Around the Outback Australia
Australia is a huge country. If you do a cruise around it, you may want some time in the interior. Perhaps a visit to the Outback?
There are lots of options, of course. But here are a couple of add ons I can offer with my partner Travel2 – regardless of whether we’ve booked you on a Princess, a Holland America, a Paul Gauguin, or another type of cruise.
pre post australia-page-001
Australian Open
5 Days in MelbourneI was so impressed with the city of Melbourne when I’d visited this April. The city’s energy vibrates through you. Everything feels busy and energetic and alive. I only had 3 days in the city – so you can see quite a bit in a short time, if that’s all the time you have. (Of course, there’s ways to invest extra time too!)

If you want a truly exciting experience this January, contact me to go see the Australian Open. Here is a shorter stay that would be wonderful to experience.

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Long Stay Getaways
AustraliaI featured this stay at my show with Leia Marvin of Travel2 and Shepherd’s Fashions this week. It’s an incredible way for you to get away – and the price point cannot be beat. Seriously!

(Please note that the show offer mentioned above is already factored into this extraordinary pricing.)

22 days in Australia, starting at $1199/person Canadian. This doesn’t include international air, obviously – but – at this price, isn’t it time to consider a long-stay in Australia?longstay australia-page-001