Blood Moons & Your New Renaissance

Tonight, we will experience a blood moon.
There are lots of superstitions and prophecies that a blood moon signals the end of times. See Super Blood Wolf Moon in northern hemisphere and visibility maps and prophecy
But, I prefer to focus on the upside, and the period of renewal, and a new renaissance.  See Eclipse 2018 spiritual meaning . And some say "“The call is to use this time as an emotional reset period, a time of reflection, rather than one of high activity."
This seems pretty fitting, especially given all my work with Shepherd's Fashions and Friends for a getaway that is all about "living your beauty inside and out."  It really is time to focus on your new renaissance.
I love the book Age of Discovery by Canadian author, Chris Kutarna. See  As that book notes:Now is humanity’s best moment. And our most fragile. Global health, wealth and education are booming. Scientific discovery is flourishing. But the same forces that make big gains possible for some of us deliver big losses to others—and tangle us together in ways that make everyone vulnerable.

We’ve been here before. The first Renaissance, the time of Columbus, Copernicus, Gutenberg and others, redrew all maps of the world, liberated information and shifted Western civilization from the medieval to the early modern era. Such change came at a price: social division,political extremism, economic shocks, pandemics and other unintended consequences of human endeavour.

Now is our second Renaissance. In the face of terrorism, Brexit, refugee crises and the global impact of a Trump presidency, we can flourish—if we heed the urgent lessons of history. Age of Discovery shows us how.

Let's step forward, under this blood moon, to our new renaissance.

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