This week, I attended Virtuoso’s “Ready, Reset, Go”. For four days, I attended our virtual travel trade webinar. I met with travel partners from around the world.

We’re ready for a “Conscious Comeback.”

We’re ready to go. But we want travel to be better than ever. We want to make sure that we are making the world better by our travel. We’ve had a year of no travel – so yes, revenge travel will be big (as last week’s newsletter talked about – we want to get back at the virus, so we are living our best travel life going forward), but we also want to make sure the world is continuing to prove because we are deciding to return to travel.

Virtuoso did a survey and noted that 82% of travelers say that the pandemic has made them want to travel more responsibly in the future.

How cool is that?

And how fitting is it that my grade 9 daughter had to do a project about sustainability in the world, and she chose sustainable tourism. I was able to share this profile Virtuoso Travel had done on me a while back.

Read here:

Thanks, Amy Cassell for help in finding it. And Annie Fitzsimmons for the profile. (And Ashish Sanghrajka of BIG FIVE ADVENTURES TRAVEL AND TOURS for your kind assistance to Ceili.)

Ceili has to do a documentary for a school project about sustainability, and she chose to do sustainable tourism. She had to share with her science teacher the UN “Year of Sustainable Tourism” project from 2017, and get special permission to cover sustainable tourism. Ceili knew Ashish Sanghrajka (Ashish came to talk to Ceili’s school about sustainable tourism when she was in grade 4. Ceili then participated as a board member in Ashish’s special kids-oriented focus on building travel itineraries with Precious Journeys.)

Ashish and Ceili did a video interview about sustainable tourism, and Big Five’s water project in Guatemala.

I can’t wait to see Ceili’s final project.

You can see some pictures of Ashish’s visit to my daughter’s school 5 years ago. The blonde girl with the arm raised straight up is Ceili’s. She was curious and passionate about sustainable tourism then. And she is now.

And I am grateful to my Virtuoso travel partner, Ashish for his time, and his sharing his passions with Ceili. Ashish is the President of Big Five Tours, and is a leader in Sustainable Tourism – including being a two-time winner of Virtuoso’s Sustainability Tourism award.  See

If we can continue to work with, feed off their energy, and maybe even inspire the next generation, we can make travel a force for good.

Let’s have a conscious comeback.


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