Dreaming of a Wine Christmas

One of my travel partners sent me an invitation to Dream of a Wine Christmas, and I thought that was a pretty cool play on the line of a Christmas song. (No worries about dreaming about a White Christmas here in Ottawa, of course - we got that covered.)
They even had a clever verse:Best wishes for a New Year full of peace and serenity, in the spirit of joy that offers always a glass of good Brunello. We await you in Montalcino. http://www.fattoriadeibarbi.it/

I got some wonderful gifts from clients this week, such as the wine and chocolates from a client thanking me for helping with a difficult issue.  And another bottle in thanks from a client for helping her build such wonderful memories on a trip.

There's nothing like a gift of wine to get you thinking about imbibing - and even traveling to visit the place where the vintage was produced!

Did you know there are so many ways to enjoy wine when you travel?

For instance, did you know that you can walk the Prosecco Hills in Italy in the morning, and drink Prosecco all afternoon?!  Check this out: https://lushlife.ca/walk-the-prosecco-hills/

Or, you can do a wine-themed river cruise with Ama Waterways - and have lectures onboard from an American vintner with new world tasting lessons, and then go ashore and have old world vintages.  See https://www.amawaterways.com/

There are health benefits to drinking wine too! See https://www.wideopeneats.com/10-health-benefits-get-drinking-daily-glass-wine/

Here's a news article about the greatest holidays on Earth for food and wine holidays https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/food-and-wine-holidays/best-food-and-wine-holidays/

Let me know if I can help you explore and learn more. I wish you a wine Christmas!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran