Want to know an embarrassing secret about me?
I’m a pretty driven individual.
I think I always have been.
In school, I got top marks (and have the scholarships to prove it.) In sports, I pushed to excel (and have a trophy for a 747 batting average). And in work, i distinguished myself becoming the 1st female actuary to work with the Canadian government (and have a Centenary medal).
When I embraced my 2nd career as a travel advisor, I brought that commitment to excellence along with me. I sought to surround myself with the best-of-the-best – to learn from them,but also to ensure my clients would have top-notch travel experiences.
I met @amawaterways Kristin Karst at #virtuosotravel week. She is the co-owner and executive VP of AMA, a company she started with her husband Rudi in 2002. Since then, she has built AMA into an award-winning river cruise company. Her passion for excellent food, elegant decor, and exquisite cultural experiences comes through.


This photo was snapped at the end of long day at @virtuosoltd cruise cafe. I popped in, sans appointment, looking to grab a brochure- but Kristin welcomed me in (after everyone else had left), and spent half an hour educating me about AMA.

I got to ‘know’ Kristin since this whole virus mess started too, or at least the value she places on partnership with travel advisors . I began signing up for her Wednesday webinars. Each week, she spent an hour sharing her passion about the river cruise business, giving insights to help rebuild the business, and even leading the way for travel in a post-pandemic world with her company’s experiences of ship charters to German nationals (when n one else could travel).
So it’s no surprise that I want my clients to travel more with AMA. I believe in what they are doing so much that I’m taking a group on a trip for A Taste of Bordeaux in November ‘21 with a visit to San Sebastián too. Great food and wine is sure to follow!
Wanna join me ?


I have two solo ladies already booked to come along with me. Would you like to join us?

Here is the detail and pricing for the AMA Waterways group for Nov.11-18, 2021 sailing on the Ama Dolce.

  • This is a wine cruise (so that means there is wine host onboard to lead some discussions/ lectures – and that means there will be an opportunity to learn about new world wines with North American host, and compare to old world wines of Europe.)
  • The cruise itself is Nov.11-Nov.18, 2021 and is roundtrip Bordeaux.
  • Kindly note the chart below with group pricing is per person, in CAD, and is based on double occupancy (2 people in a cabin). If you book with me before September 30th, the $900/p discount is applicable. The rate increases (discount only $300/p) after that date.
  • Kindly note too – port expenses are broken out separately. This does not include air or transfers or insurance. We can add pre and post hotel options as well (pricing noted below).

For solo passengers, you might consider:• whether you’d like to share a cabin with another person. Sharing with another person (if you meet and agree) so as to share expenses – that means you both would be sharing a double occupancy cabin. • Kindly note the two designated solo occupancy cabins have already been booked by ladies joining me. However, a double-occupancy cabin intended for for two people, but a solo person can purchase for one, paying a solo supplement. (We can confirm pricing and availability. Ordinarily, a solo pays 125% of per person double occupancy rate for a category E, or 150% for higher categories).

There are other additional benefits for my group, as noted below in the chart, besides the early booking bonus of C$900/300 off depending on booking date. I also have gratuities included for you as a Canadian resident, and there is a Virtuoso amenity/ perk/ extra of an onboard credit.

Please let me know if this interests you. I would love to get you booked for the $500 deposit now, and get all the additional extras for you ($900/p ebb, plus $200/cabin show, plus gratuities, plus Virtuoso obc).

(I can also share details on AMA’s deposit protection plan, and AMA’s health and safety standards on our call.)

Here is a presentation/ zoom call I did with Kristin’s right hand, Neil Dudley, in Canada. Watch for details about AMA and our cruise.

And since this is a wine cruise, here are details on the host onboard:

This special Wine Cruise offers guests a perfect blend of wine-related experiences and excursions in grand capitals and charming towns. Discover how wine is made and, of course, partake in tastings – all at no additional cost. Join Rick Patton, Director of Private Clients, Alpha Omega Winery, St. Helena, CA on board as he leads insightful discussions and shares his passion and vision for making premium handcrafted wines.

Exclusive Wine Cruise



Hosted by Rick Patton,Director of Private Clients, Alpha Omega Winery, St. Helena, CA

Rick Patton is the Director of Private Clients for Alpha Omega, a boutique winery in the Rutherford Bench of Napa Valley. The New Jersey native had an epiphany in 1982 when he discovered Napa Valley while on a business trip to the west coast. Two years later, the savvy software salesman transferred from the New York area to his company’s Silicon Valley headquarters to be near California’s world famous wine region. In 2004, Rick and his wife moved to Napa Valley. He expanded his wine knowledge while working at Franciscan and Miner before Alpha Omega owner Robin Baggett lured him to his new winery. Within six months, Rick was Alpha Omega’s tasting room manager. An integral part of Alpha Omega’s success, Rick prides himself on continually increasing his wine wisdom as he enjoys fine wines from around the world.

Contact me if you’d like to join me onboard!

[email protected]