European Bike and Barge Holidays with Utracks

This past Friday, I hosted Utracks to talk about their European bike and barge holidays on my weekly twitter chat, #vastchat.

Here are some q & a to fill you in on what we’d discussed.  (Q1 is always an introductory question, asking where people are tweeting from.)

Q2.  What would best describe your perfect #active getaway in Europe?  #vastchat

A2: Experiences! Walking in the Alps, cycling & wine-tasting in Champagne, island-hopping in Croatia at a no rush pace, enjoying #vastchat

Q3. How do you define #active #travel?  #vastchat

A3: Exploring, closer to nature. Just about anyone can find exciting #active walking or cycling #holidays in Europe, just ask us! #vastchat

Q4. Have you ever done a bike & barge or cycle & sail trip to Europe? If so, what did you enjoyed most about it? #vastchat


A4. You can experience the countryside by bike or on foot during the day and return to the comfort of your barge at night. #vastchat


Q5. If not, is this something you would consider? Where in Europe would you like to experience it? #vastchat

A5. We have add many new boat-based trips to our 2016 programs, from the Greek Islands to the Black Forest and the Champagne region #vastchat 


Q6.  When do you think is the best time to #travel to Europe?  #vastchat

A6. Many people choose summer but autumn is perfect for #active holidays in #Europe. There are destinations pleasant year around. #vastchat


Q7.  What do you think are the most popular spots for bike & barge trips in Europe?  #vastchat

A7. #Holland Tulip tour is popular. Their small window of bloom make this tour booked long in advance #vastchat

A7: Bike & Barge along the Danube River is a classic active European experience, travelling through Austria, Germany and Hungary #vastchat


Q8. How many hours or kms would you like your cycling trip in Europe to include? #vastchat

A8. The advantage with bike & barge is that while it is average 30-40km per day, you can often have longer and shorter alternatives #vastchat


Q9.   Are you familiar with e-bikes? Would it influence your choice of taking a bike trip? #Vastchat

A9:  We were not convince when the firsts e-Bike started but most travellers like it. Read our Road Test: #vastchat


Q10. Do you think food and wine are important to combine with an active trip to Europe? #Vastchat

A10. Raise your glasses to the Best Beer, Cider & Wine Trails in Europe!

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Sheila Gallant-Halloran