Golf to Spa to Beyond

Happy Sunday!

Hope you are doing well.

I’m thrilled to see that Canada is now sitting at almost 45% of us having received a first vaccine. See

Hope is on the horizon.

And we all have great anticipation for the holidays and return to normal ahead! (Although Michele Norris tells us “Don’t reach for normal, reach for better.”)

There’ve been some great articles recently about Travel and the Art of Anticipation , and that Newly Vaccinated Boomers are Ready to Get Down  It’s expected there will be a grey wave in travel – as boomers will start to travel first. As the Texas Monthly article noted:

A week or two after we get our second round of vaccine, the first wave of baby boomers is going to be 95 percent immune to COVID. Unlike our younger friends and our grown children and grandkids, we will be free to rejoin the world. It’s time that the rest of you remembered what the generation that invented sex, drugs, and rock and roll is capable of. We are going to hug. We are going to the hairdresser. We are going to dine indoors at restaurants, we are going to travel, and we are going to party. In spite of our knee problems, we may even dance.

Did you know that “Vaxication” is now in the dictionary? 

So as we start to come out of this CoVid languishing time, let’s get focused on planning, and the art of anticipation.

What is it you’re looking to do?

Perhaps you’re into golfing?

I have been working with several partners to customize golf holidays for clients. Did you know that cruise partners like Azamara Cruises partners with golf specialists Perry Golf to offer cruises that get you world class access to the best golf courses around the world. In the past, I’ve put clients on British Open cruises. And I’m just training with Azamara to learn about their new offerings coming through after CoVid. Might that interest you? Let me know – we can chat after I complete the latest updates with them this week.

I also work with river cruise companies like AMA Waterways, and their new ship the Magna on the Danube offers river cruising through Europe.

And I am an Aussie Specialist and New Zealand. This week, I’m also do a virtual trade show with some travel partners with Southern World (my destination travel partners I work with) and will be meeting with some on the ground in New Zealand to talk about their adventure holidays, including golfing. And in June, I’ll be doing another virtual trade show, this time with Australia Travel Exchange – Luxe, where I’ve received an exclusive invite to participate with on the ground travel partners in Australia to go over what’s new, including great golf holidays throughout Australia. I work with my destination management company, Southern World, to customize trips for clients that will do whatever it is the clients desire – and have the expert boots on the ground to do it.

Perhaps you’re into spa holidays?

Well, I’m also into wellness holidays. Besides partners like AMA who have yoga classes onboard select destinations, I work with clients to customize wellness retreats for them – whether you want to visit a spot in Costa Rica or Thailand, by yourself or part of an organized group, or maybe you want to take friends and family with you. We can ensure you’re getting the best wellness treatments and access to what is right for you.

Maybe you might like some equine therapy? I work with wellness partners who do that. And if you want a more boot camp experience where you try to rid yourself of the 19 pounds you got during CoVid19, I have access to partners who do that too.

Want to go somewhere where you can turn off your phone, and immerse yourself in nature? I got you covered.

Just let me know where you’d like to go, and what you’d like to do, and we can build either a customized trip for you – or – I can matchmake you with the perfect escorted group, cruise (expedition or river or ocean or barge), or resort (or villa or independent stay) that is right for you.

Shoot me an email and we can schedule a time to talk.

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