International Expeditions Takes Us to Peruvian Amazon

I am featuring a different kind of holiday, and inviting my clients to join us. This time, the Gallant-Hallorans are visiting the Peruvian Amazon with International Expeditions!

My family of 4 is taking a Peruvian Amazon riverboat cruise with International Expeditions this coming March break. You should join us!

I am able to hold 5 cabins until the end of August on this small but luxury river boat cruise through the amazing Amazon.  What a wonderful nature experience for anyone who wants to reconnect with natur and experience the beauty of the Amazon.

Here are some details on the trip

But you can also find the full trip details here Amazon Riverboat Cruise

Here’s a little video taste too!



Join us in the amazon!




Contact me for details!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran