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Do you know about Lindblad Expeditions?  They were profiled on CBS Sunday Morning earlier this fall. See
Lindblad Expeditions has been around for 50 years. They were the first company to take non-scientists to Antarctica. They’ve been taking tourists with a love of learning to Antarctica, Galapagos, Costa Rica, the South Pacific, Europe, and beyond for that half century. They now go to Egypt too! See Lindblad trips to see some of their featured trips profiled in the adventure travel section below.
You should know – Lindblad is the very best at expedition cruising.
Here is a video of my own circumnavigation around Newfoundland with them. You may recall I am from Newfoundland. So, I had high expectation of how Lindblad would deliver upon a tourism experience of my home province. And, they surpassed my expections.
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Here is an interview with a biologist onboard my ship, Ian Bullock:
And here is an interview with a National Geographic photographer, Steve Morell. (There is a NG photographer instructor onboard every sailing.)
Interview with National Geographic photography instructor onboard Explorer
Interview with National Geographic photography instructor onboard Explorer
I love that everything onboard a Lindblad Expedition cruise is about you experiencing wildlife and nature, and the people at the destination, in the best possible way. The historians, biologists, naturalists and speakers I met onboard my ship were fantastic. I know how beautiful Newfoundland is – and I’d been to L’anse aux Meadows before. But it was quite something to hear a historian and a naturalist give us the history of Vikings in the discovery lecture onboard during the evening, and then the next morning, have these same experts join us on the shore excursion to interpret what we were seeing ashore.
It was amazing to also see fin whales and blue whales while we were sailing – and have the ship stop! You don’t get that on a large ocean going cruise ship – they have scheduled times to make at a port, and there is no time to slow down. Onboard a Lindblad Expedition ship, the best things you experience aren’t scheduled. When our naturalists and biologists saw the whales, the captain stopped the ship, and everyone was called up to the bridge. Once there, the scientists gave each of us a pair of binoculars, and instructed us on the “blow” of a certain whale, and how to discern which species we were seeing while they were still underwater. It was amazing. And we didn’t move on until everyone saw the whales and had all their questions answered, or the whales moved on.
If this kind of intensive nature and wildlife experience sounds like it’s perfect for you, lemme know! I can get you onboard one of their fantastic ships!
Please let me know if I can help you get away!
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