Oceania Cruises – 5 Mid-Size Ships w Distinct Advantages – especially Cuisine!

I hosted a wine and cheese with Oceania Cruises in Ottawa on the 10th of April. It was wonderful to personally introduce 54 clients to this wonderful cruise line (and a host of others via brochures, with email and telephone details).

As Oceania promises on their website and promotional details, a voyage onboard their ships is like none other, a luxury granted by its mid-size ships.Sailing where larger vessels cannot, these ships open up new worlds of discovery in charming boutique ports that complement our array of classic destinations. Beyond influencing itineraries, the smaller size of these ships elevates the onboard experience to the sublime, allowing for a warmth, intimacy and elegance that is missing on other vessels. The elegant yet casual ambiance creates a convivial mood that invites guests to relax and experience the world from a unique vantage point, and an exceptionally high staff-to-guest ratio fosters exemplary personalized service.

Oceania has 5 ships.  The 3 older ones are Regatta, Insignia, and Nautica. The 2 new ones are Marina and Riviera.

Regatta, Insignia and Nautica

Regatta, Insignia and Nautica were the first embodiment of the Oceania Cruises vision. Recently all three ships were completely refurbished, and the distinctions that set Oceania Cruises apart now shine even more vibrantly. A country club–casual ambiance ensures that the atmosphere onboard is always comfortable and relaxed, while the plush furnishings and stylish decor create an air of sophisticated elegance. Accommodating 684 guests and 400 crew members, their ideal proportions allow for a uniquely personalized experience, from a genuinely caring staff that addresses guests by name to the open seating in four distinctive restaurants that allows guests to dine where, when and with whom they choose.

Marina and Riviera

Marina and Riviera epitomize the refined Oceania Cruises experience, a natural extension of our brand strengths and philosophy. Still comfortably mid-size, Marina and Riviera accommodate 1,250 guests amid stylish elegance unrivaled in the industry. The first ships designed for lovers of fine food and wine, Marina and Riviera offer 10 dining venues – more than some ships twice their size – including the first restaurant named for famed Master Chef Jacques Pépin and an onboard wine-tasting and food-pairing center called La Reserve. Bon Appétit Culinary Center is the first completely hands-on culinary studio at sea, and the Artist Loft offers classes in a variety of artistic media. Marina and Riviera also feature a more expansive incarnation of the Canyon Ranch SpaClub® offered onboard all Oceania Cruises ships. Marina debuted to wide acclaim in January 2011, and Riviera will be unveiled in April 2012.


Ship Specifications Regatta, Insignia, Nautica

  • Year Built: Regatta 1998, Insignia 1998, Nautica 2000
  • Year Refurbished: Insignia 2010, Nautica 2010, Regatta 2011
  • Gross Tonnage: 30,277
  • Length: 593.7 feet
  • Beam: 83.5 feet
  • Cruising Speed: 18 knots
  • Guest Decks: 9
  • Total Decks: 11
  • Electric Power or Voltage: 110, 220 AC
  • Guest Capacity (Double Occupancy): 684
  • Staff Size: 400
  • Guest-to-Staff Ratio: 1.71 to 1
  • Nationality of Officers: European
  • Country of Registry: Marshall Islands

Ship Specifications Marina, Riviera

  • Year Built: Marina 2011, Riviera 2012
  • Gross Tonnage: 66,084
  • Length: 784.9 feet
  • Beam: 105.64 feet
  • Cruising Speed: 20 knots
  • Guest Decks: 11
  • Total Decks: 15
  • Electric Power or Voltage: 110, 220 AC
  • Guest Capacity (Double Occupancy): 1250
  • Staff Size: 800
  • Guest-to-Staff Ratio: 1.56 to 1
  • Nationality of Officers: European
  • Country of Registry: Marshall Islands


Cuisine: Regatta, Insignia and Nautica

It may seem like an audacious statement to hail their cuisine as “the finest at sea,” but not really – not when the legendary Master Chef Jacques Pépin serves as our Executive Culinary Director. With his genius for inspiration and his culinary wizardry for guidance, their talented chefs create cuisine that earns rave reviews from guests, course after delectable course.

The intimate nature of Oceania ships enables their chefs to thoughtfully prepare each dish à la minute. Nothing need ever be rushed or produced en masse. Menus reflect the regions where our ships sail, enhancing the experience, adding authenticity and ensuring tremendous variety. In each of their four distinctly different restaurants, an open-seating policy allows guests to enjoy dining whenever, wherever and with whomever they wish. Two of these restaurants serve equally diverse breakfast and lunch selections, plus Waves Grill offers poolside dining for guests desiring a casual lunch alfresco.

Cuisine: Marina and Riviera

As the first ships specifically designed for lovers of fine food and wine, Marina and Riviera offer a diverse array of delectable dining options unrivaled at sea. All of the restaurants onboard Regatta, Insignia and Nautica can also be found on Marina and Riviera, along with two new gourmet restaurants, two new specialty dining venues and a gourmet coffee bar, encompassing a grand total of 10 distinct dining choices for guests, an unprecedented number for ships of this size.

Perhaps even more important than the variety of options is the exquisite cuisine created by their gifted and innovative chefs. As on all of their ships, each dish is meticulously prepared to order, and the service is equally indulgent, their staff catering to every request and anticipating those not yet spoken.

Call me to learn more about Oceania Cruises (and to learn of the Apr.10th event specials!)