Packing Light


If you’re travelling this summer, you will experience hiccups.


It can feel like all the airline pilot and staff shortages, cancelled and delayed flights, rail and labour disputes, bad weather, and skyrocketing fuel costs are conspiring against you when all you want to do is hit the road.


But, if you’re determined to go anyway, pack light. Prepare for delays and long lines, pack your patience, and pack only a carry on.


I know almost everyone has their own style and method of packing. I often tell clients to lay out all their clothes before they pack – and – take only half (but twice the money).


I know there are those that swear by the rolling method.

And others swear that packing cubes are the way to go.

But this is what I use. The layer pack.


Watch this video which I have shared with many clients over the years.


I find it’s easy and instructive demonstration terrific – and – it works. I use this method of packing whenever I travel.


This video by PackingLightDotCom gives a great visual teaching session on how to pack a carry-on size bag for months of travel. As the video text details:


  • after decades of conducting packing demonstrations, teaches travelers how to pack the maximum amount of clothing into a 22-inch carry-on.
  • The age-old method works in larger suitcases and leaves clothing wrinkle free upon arrival.
  • Pack approximately fifteen garments and mix and match for dozens of outfits in a carry-on bag.
  • Learn how to pack a suitcase efficiently and without the stress of wondering whether you have it all.

Try it. It works!


Of course, I have some other tips too.


I tell clients they really only need a credit card and a bathing suit – everything else they can get at destination. (You can get the bathing suit too, but odds are, you want that garment to hit the beach rather than the stores when you first arrive.)


But here are essentials I recommend you bring:

  • a credit card and local cash
  • a bathing suit and change of shoes
  • prescription medicines, and other essential (to you) over-the-counter medicines
  • a camera – with any needed attachments – whether that’s a cell phone and charger with clip on lenses, or DSLR
  • a sweater or shawl/ pashmina
  • chewing gum and a snack, eye mask, sanitizing wipes and face masks, ziploc bags
  • passport, vaccine records, and other documents
  • a pack of playing cards, a crossword or jumble puzzle book, and a good novel
  • earplugs – both noise cancelling and listening (ipod for your devices, older airplane style for flights)

And other tips:

    • try to leave the belt at home, and wear slip on shoes (for airport security)
    • any smaller cosmetics or toiletries should be in an easily accessible ziploc
    • don’t wear perfume
    • ensure your laptop and other electronics can be easily removed from carry on or backpack
    • don’t be ‘that guy’ (or gal) who brings their life in a carry on, and miserably tries to push an overstuffed bag into an uncompromising overhead bin – pack light