Peru & the Amazon

Let’s focus on Peru.
Because we’re talking Peru, I’ve outlined some options to visit Peru with Intrepid (who I just had a show with in Ottawa), and other partners.
Of course, you have to remember that permits to the Inca Trail can be an issue for close-in travel, however, there may be alternate hiking options like the Quarry Trail, or maybe travel later. I’ve had interest in putting together an Inca Trail hiking trip for November 2018, and details below.
You can even take a train to the Inca Trail – did you know that?
Here are some terrific options to explore Virtuoso Active & Specialty Travel partners who are the best in what they do in Peru & the Amazon! Let’s go!
1. Backroads  – Peru Walking & Hiking
2. Butterfield & Robinson – Peru Great Adventure
4. Ladatco – Culinary Peru
5. Big Five Tours – Peru Sky High & River Deep
Give me a call to find the right holiday option for you.