Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I am en route to Vancouver today to begin escorting a small group of solo ladies on board the Rocky Mountaineer train. (See below for a video of a past trip I’ve done onboard the Rocky Mountaineer.)

So, of course, my mind is on trains. And planes. And Automobiles.

One of the great things about my being part of the Virtuoso consortium (the world’s largest luxury travel network), as well as an affiliate of Vision Travel (Canada’s largest travel agency) is that I am part of a worldwide network of travel experts. I have access to the best-of-the-best cruise lines, tour companies, hotels and villas, rail experiences, destination management companies, car services, and air. I can leverage my relationships with these network partners, my feet-on-the-ground experts (if you will) around the world, to ensure I help you have the best possible travel experiences. Think of me having a wonderful black book of contacts that I can reach out to help you explore the world – and I can put the wealth and strength of those relationships to work for you.

And, being Canadian, I tend to think of John Candy and “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”. So with a tip of the hat to John, and the delightful silliness that ensures in that movie, let’s consider how I can help you see the world – and avoid John’s issues.


Planes. No problem. If you want to book your own air, of course, please go ahead (and do use up any frequent flier points whenever you can). But, if you’d like access to a 24/7 emergency support team, and a telephone number to speak with a live person, should things go awry with your flights, I can help.

My team includes Vision Travel Solutions’ very large international air department. We are leading partners of all the major partners. We are part of Air Canada’s “circle of excellence” for top sales, and have preferred relationships with Westjet, as well as all the major airlines like British Airways, KLM, Latam, South African Airways, Swiss Air, Air New Zealand, Virgin, etc. . I also have access to Virtuoso’s large air department with high volume relationships with American air partners, as well as relationships with several air consolidator, or wholesale, partners. Want to do a helicopter tour over Philip Island in Australia, or maybe a small plane over the Great Barrier Reef to Lizard Island? How about a helicopter tour of Waimea Canyon in Hawaii, or maybe the Grand Canyon in Australia? A private plane to fly you into a tented luxury camp in Kenya? No problem. Oh – did I forget to mention I have partners with whom we could arrange your private jets as well? Want to fly a group at Christmas to Anguilla onboard your private jet, or do an around-the-world private jet excursion? I got you covered. Whatever you need, I would have a partner with whom I could team up with to ensure your needs are sorted.


Trains. Definitely, no problem. Everything from US auto train, to Royal Scotsman. I partner with the world’s top rail experiences. I’m taking a group on the Rocky Mountaineer, as I’d mentioned, and I know just how magical an experience it is to ride in a Gold Leaf car, taking in the majesty of the Canadian Rockies under the glass domed roof. (Check back in next week for what I’ll be seeing on this trip.)  But there are many magical rail experiences around the world How about the Shongololo Express  or the ultra-luxurious Blue Train (which you really should book a year in advance) through Africa?  Want to try the Ghan through Australia and take the train between Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin? Maybe try Peru Rail or the Belmond to visit Machu Picchu by rail? Or the Tren Crucero, Tren Ecuador’s Luxury Train from Quito to Guayaquil ? Maybe the Belmond Grand Hiberian through Ireland? How about the Orient express? I can help.


Automobiles. Definitely, definitely, no problem. Whether you need a convertible for driving the Road to Hana in Hawaii, or want a luxury car pick up in Vegas, or perhaps a private car and driver to tour you around Rio, or a private car transfer from London Heathrow to your hotel. I can even help with a motor coach tour of New Zealand, or even a European bus tour. I can help.


Let me know if I can leverage the power of my relationships to help you see the world.

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