Power of Vision Conference

Last weekend, I travelled to Montreal for Vision Travel’s annual conference. I met with over 40 suppliers from cruising to land tours to active travel partners to airlines to hotelier partners to onsite destination partners.  (And I was asked to share some of my twitter expertise with my colleagues as well, and participated in a panel, addressing other travel advisors.)
I also got to hear Ray Zahab speak about the power of adventure travel, and how we can all push our limits.If you want to be inspired, check out his website here http://rayzahab.com/home and learn how a non-runner stopped smoking, and within a few short years, ran the Sahara dessert with 2 world class athletes – running 70 km a day for over 100 days. We can all accomplish so much more than we give ourselves credit for! (I’ll write a blog about this for next week’s newsletter.)
The power of the Vision conference (entitled “power of Vision”) is that I get to hear and be inspired by folks like Ray, and that I also make and/or strengthen connections with suppliers face-to-face. What that means for you is that not only can I recommend travel options for you that you might not have even known existed, but I also have the power of a personal relationship to work on your behalf. So, if you want a Tauck trip, I can call upon my partners Jackie and Charmaine to take excellent care of you. If you want a trip to Anguilla, I can call upon my partner Dale to take excellent care of you. If you want to visit a Rosewood hotel, my partner Tina will take excellent care of you. And if you want a around the world private jet trip with A&K, you can be sure my partner Shawn will take excellent care of you.
Taking excellent care of you doesn’t end the minute you book a trip either. Taking excellent care of you means that my partners and I will be working to monitor your trip as you travel, and that we’ll be available to assist if and when issues occur when you travel. And, of course, liaise with you on your return to ensure everything went as well as it could have.
Let me know if you’d like me to use the power of my new and/or strengthened relationships with my top partners to deliver the travel experience of your dreams.
Let me know if you’d like to learn about any offers from my partners!
Sheila Gallant-Halloran