Seabourn Spirit: Caviar in the Surf

hero_4Taking a Seabourn Spirit Cruise was a fabulous exercise in pampering.  Have you heard about their signature “caviar in the surf?”

As Seabourn outlines on their web  “Offered on many of our cruises to the Caribbean, Belize, Indonesia and Thailand, Caviar in the Surf beach parties bring Seabourn’s signature service and delicacies from the ship to guests on shore. Guests are tendered ashore and treated to the arrival of caviar and champagne. This is followed by a lavish Beach Barbeque with silver and fine china, which not only features traditional barbeque favorites, but also shrimp skewers, steak, and lobster and enough side dishes to satisfy even the largest appetite. The day also includes watersports and plenty of time to soak up the sun.”

And – it really does happen that way!

Here are some pictures from my day of “caviar in the surf” – we didn’t have the most stellar days of weather, but a little bit of drizzle didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. We had an amazing time at Prickly Pear in the Caribbean.

Contact me if you’d like to experience this “Caviar in the Surf” experience. It is truly pampering at it’s finest!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran 613-837-0699

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