Testimonial # 1- client Jacquie Bushell

“Ms Sheila Gallant Halloran = Dedication”

The dictionary discribes dedication |ˌdediˈkā sh ən| noun: The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose : his/ her dedication to his duties.

I have had the great pleasure to work with Sheila on several holidays. From the very small and close by, day trips to St Anne’s Spa; to getting me around the globe, Sheila has always been there for my family! When troubles emerged, she solved them. I never worried, not for a moment, that I was in good hands. Sheila’s very nature, the confidence with which she handles her business, you know that you are in trusted hands. Sheila is not just dedicated, she is creative and thoughtful to your needs and wants, especially the ones you had not thought of. Why would you handle your trip details yourself, when you could have a professional like Sheila, taking you into her caring hands. Besides I like it when she say’s “Please, go away!”

Jacquie Bushell