Testimonial from client, Nicole Seguin

I love getting testimonials from my clients on facebook.

My client, Nicole Seguin, really humbled me with a recent post.  This is what she wrote:

“I am always skeptical of travel agents/ advisors thinking I can alwys get the best deal on my own through the internet. Sheila Gallant-Halloran has converted me!  I first knew her as an actuary about 25 years ago. She has since switched careers as an independent travel advisor. She continually posts “let me vip you.”  Well, I took her up on that and she delivered. She did a great job with our trip to Anguilla in April, but exceeded our expectations on a recent jaunt to NYC. We stated at The Pierre hotel on 5th Avenue, and the experience was beyond words. We were truly VIP’ed and I could have never gotten such a deal on our own. Paid less than our last trip, and got a lot more! Try her at Lush Life Travel/ Vision 2000. You don’t need to be in Ottawa to benefit from her services. Thanks, Sheila!”

Thanks, Nicole!  I love VIP’ing my clients!

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