The Caribbean is Open for Business

Are you planning a winter vacation? You should know – the Caribbean is open for business!  See the latest updates here
And see some terrific offers from my cruise partners below.
Hurricanes Irma and Maria wreaked havoc on several of our island friends, and they are rebuilding. We all must do our best to help and support. To that end, I’m hosting a Caribbean Fundraiser Fashion Show and Travel Evening in-store, at Shepherd’s Fashions – this Tuesday, November 14th at 6:00 pm
Tickets $25 (Click HERE to buy)
Did you know that the Caribbean is over a million square miles? see or this quick sketch of the area.
Area 2,754,000 km2 (1,063,000 sq mi)
Did you also know that the storms affected a stretch that was only 170 miles wide?
The storms were tough -and hit their unfortunate marks with precision. Sister islands Antigua and Barbuda are the best example – Antigua was hardly impacted, while Barbuda was devastated.

Those affected still need help. Those unaffected still need your travel dollars.

Watch Lin Manuel Miranda’s song to benefit Puerto Rico.
Donate, donate, donate.
And while we want to help the affected areas, bringing tourism back to those affected areas, as well as continuing to travel to the non-affected areas, will be key to the region’s recovery. Tourism is key to the area. We must not allow the loss of homes (and life) to be continually magnified by the loss of jobs and future revenue.
Did you know that 70% of the Caribbean was untouched by recent hurricanes?  Did you know Barbuda was impacted, but Bermuda and Barbados weren’t. Ensuring islands and geography aren’t confused is part of the challenge when some news stories paint the entire area with a broad brush. As soon as they’re ready to accept you, and especially to the islands not impacted by the storms, travel.
Travel, travel, travel.
This Tuesday, on Nov.14th, I’ll host an evening focusing on Caribbean travel & fundraiser at Shepherd’s Fashions.
I will partner with Shepherd’s Fashions, Experiences by Sunquest, CanLink, and Tourism Cares for a Caribbean Fundraiser and Travel Evening.
The evening’s itinerary includes a 20 minute “Packably Perfect” fashion show, and a travel presentation on luxurious Caribbean destinations to visit now and in future.  Enjoy nibbles, chat with the fashion and travel experts. Shop for a cause as we will donate 10% of all revenue from purchases that night to the Tourism Cares Caribbean Fund.
The evening will promote helping the Caribbean in those same two ways:
1) donating to affected areas, and
2) traveling to the non-affected areas.

To donate to affected areas, kindly note that a fundraising element has been set up for the evening (admission tickets require completion of a $25 online donation to Tourism Cares and there is a shopping fundraiser). To travel to the non-affected areas, a Caribbean travel presentation will follow, outlining how and where you can travel to the Caribbean with some special partners.


There’ll be door prizes too!
Win a 4 n hotel stay at Anse Chastenet in St. Lucia, or a 3 n hotel stay at Ananda Wellness Resort in Curacao.
Sheila Gallant-Halloran