The Floe Edge with Arctic Kingdom

Would you like to visit the floe edge? My partners, Arctic Kingdom, have terrific trips to the floe edge this season.

As my partner Natasha at Arctic Kingdom says, “the floe edge is where the land-fast ice actually reaches the open water in the Arctic ocean in the spring time (when it’s starting to melt and is actually coming back and back and back). It creates a high concentration of food at the floe edge, which bring in wonderful whales such as the narwhals (which is a tusked whale, known as the unicorn of the sea), belugas, ringed seals, polar bears, and thousands and thousands of migratory birds.”

Have a look at these Arctic Kingdom photos.

floe edge

floe edge brings narwhal



















And let me know if you’d like to go!

The trips ordinarily run until mid May – so there is one, maybe two, more weekends left this year.

Iqaluit, Nunavut

2016 Price
CDN $1,999 (plus taxes and fees of CDN $410.05) SGL supplement CDN $286 (Plus taxes of CDN $14.30)


narwhal at floe edge












Call me if you’d like to get away to the floe edge!  But act fast if you’d like to go in 2016 (or call me for 2017!)

Sheila Gallant-Halloran