The Re-Opening

The Re-Opening!

There is lots of news this week.

It started with me being interviewed by Canadian travel Baxter Media about what it’s like to be a travel advisor right now.  The craziness of the workload in ensuring all my travelling clients are entering, transiting, testing, proving their vaccination status, enjoying (the most important part), and then returning home safely has been wild. I can’t wait for things to settle down a little. But – the great news is that my clients are travelling again.

There are a few big pieces of news this week – especially from the US for Canadian travellers.

1.) The U.S. is to open their border to fully vaccinated travellers starting November 8th – see the news article here


2.) The U.S. confirms it will accept Canadian travellers with mixed vaccines – see the news article here:

This is great news for a lot of my clients who like to vacation in the states, especially snowbirds and clients who like to cruise on US cruise lines. We’re re-opening!

Of course, there’s more news around the world too.

It’s the re-opening! But – make sure you work with a travel advisor to know that you’re on the right track!