Top 7 Trips to Italy on Land

Top 7 VAST Active Trips
Virtuoso Active & Specialty Travel (VAST)
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There are so many wonderful ways to visit Italy, but if we ignore all the cruising options for the moment, let’s focus on the top 7 land-based trips to Italy.
First of all, the new 2015 Vast Collection Catalog is out. Click on the photo on the right to see more. VAST= Virtuoso Active & Specialty Travel.
I work with VAST suppliers to add even another layer of wonder and discovery. VAST is a special subsection of my Virtuoso network partners, and that unique collection offers some really specialized active adventures and extraordinary experiences.
There are so many ways to work with VAST partners, and have a different kind of getaway. Here is a sampling of some trips that will help you consider Italy and beyond.
2. Tauck – World Cities: ROME
4. Butterfield & Robinson  Amalfi Coast Walking Tour
5. Butterfield & Robinson Italian Lakes Walking Tour
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Sheila Gallant-Halloran