Tourism Week in Canada

Got your vaccine? Thinking of travel?

Vaxication is now a word. See

‘Vaxication’: All I Ever Wanted

What big post-pandemic trip are you planning? Are you thinking 2022 or 2023? Join me on Tuesday for Travel Tuesday’s focus on Japan.

But for 2021 – perhaps you can think about travelling around Canada.

Did you know that it is Tourism Week in Canada?

Tourism Counts. See

Tourism Counts
It’s what makes Canada Glow!

Tourism Week is a seven-day coast to coast to coast event to recognize Canada’s tourism economy, and the impact it has on every community across the country. This year, we aim to recognize the resilience of the industry through this unprecedented time.

We are calling on Canadians to take the 2021 Tourism Pledge To Travel In Canada. An invitation to come together as a country and support our local tourism destinations, businesses, and employees

Tourism is a people business. We bring people together in different places for an experience or an event. Through COVID-19, this has largely been brought to a halt.
While there are still restrictions in place across the country, we know people will travel again. We are asking Canadians to support the Canadian tourism industry by planning to travel locally this year, when restrictions are lifted.

Why does Tourism Count?

Prior to COVID-19, tourism in Canada …

was a $105 billion sector

accounted for 2% of Canada’s GDP

employed 1.8 million workers
It’s #TourismWeek in Canada! – I’ve booked my Canadian Tourism Experience – vaccinated and ready to explore my backyard! – #TourismCounts
Make the pledge!