Travel as a Solo Lady, but NOT Alone – Event at Shepherd’s Fashions

The show at Shepherd’s was a great event. We had over 130 ladies attend. It was fantastic.

Here are some pictures.

And here are some quick videos.

First – who I am:
Solo travel evening – who I am
Solo travel evening – who I am

Some thoughts about solo travel:

Solo travel – some thoughts
Solo travel – some thoughts

And – some info about traveling solo.

Travel as a solo lady but not alone
Travel as a solo lady but not alone

We shared travel tips on how to travel solo, as well as a questionnaire I developed for those looking to share a room (50 questions to ask) – let me know if you’d like to see a copy.

Solo travel is on the rise – not just because of life circumstances (divorce, widow/er, don’t have a partner) but more and more, people are starting to travel solo even if they have a partner (perhaps to explore different interests and/or as a form of therapy or self-reflection – even mom-cations!). You can travel solo for a multitude of reasons. But – that doesn’t mean you have to travel alone.

I shared a bunch of ideas for traveling solo, including ways to make travel easier – ways to manage the solo supplement, ways to travel with a small escorted group, finding a partner to travel with (whether in your own rooms, or sharing a room), or being a pied piper.

I also presented a number of group trips – some of which are outlined below. Kindly note, the trips below are not restricted to only solos, or only ladies – couples can certainly join, as well as solo men. The idea is to present travel options that are friendly to solos, and to form groups to travel together.

Please let me know if the ideas discussed, and/or any of the trips mentioned below, interest you and you’d like to learn more. And, of course, if you’d like to schedule a bucket list planning consultation, send me an email, and we’ll strike a mutually convenient time to get planning!

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