Viking River Cruises & Shepherd's Fashions

January 30th – Viking River Cruises at Shepherd’s Fashions
This week, we had a terrific show with Viking River Cruises at Shepherd’s Fashions.  Here are a couple of snaps.
Kindly remember that if you’d like to book a Viking River Cruise with me, I can extend a $150 onboard credit for any booked river cruise cabin over the next two weeks (does not apply to groups or ocean cruises) – I can offer that to all my clients (even if you weren’t able to attend). So, please contact me before February 13th  if you’d like to avail yourself of that kind offer.
With a fleet of 64  Viking river ships throughout Europe, Russia, and China; there are obviously lots of options. Please let me know if you’d like to discuss booking a Viking River or Ocean (or both) with me. It would be my pleasure to assist. (And, since you’ve attended one of my travel shows, I would waive my normal consultation fee.)

And here’s a quick facebook live video post from that show.

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Fashion & Travel
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Sheila Gallant-Halloran