Virtuoso Partner, Kensington Tours – Bespoke Shore Excursions +

I had a chance to speak with my partner, Elizabeth Story, recently. Elizabeth graciously agreed to an interview, so I could share with my clients how she and I are able to use her company, Kensington Tours, and their resources to VIP my clients.

Watch the video clip to understand how Kensington Tours and I can VIP my clients, and especially to help make their shore excursion dreams a reality. Bespoke all the way!  We can tailor the experiences to you and your family, and ensure that you do not have the bus tour experience. Private and unique experiences that optimize your limited time in port!

Of course, I can work with Kensington to do more than shore excursions – we can do entire itineraries with them. If you want private travel, and customized itineraries, we can work together with Kensington to design the trip that’s perfect for you.

When you want your travel dreams to be unique to you, work with a travel advisor such as myself. I am able to pull on resources and connections in the industry, like Elizabeth Story and Kensington Tours, to put together some magical experiences for you and your family.

Live a lush life. Build memories.


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