Want to Ride the Rocky Mountaineer?

The Rocky Mountaineer is a fantastic train ride through Canada’s Rockies.  It has won top awards for the experience, including:

*Six-time winner of World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train by the World Travel Awards

* Named One of the world’s “Best Life-Changing Trips” by Travel + Leisure

* Named one of the World’s Greatest Trips by National Geographic

* and, not surprisingly, the Rocky Mountaineer has climbed towards the top of the list of Things To Do Before You Die by Mail Online


Have a look at this Rocky Mountaineer Experience video to get a glimpse into what this life-changing experience is all about.



One of the things that many might not know is that you don’t actually sleep on the train. It is a daylight experience. You bunk in hotels along the way.

Taking the Rocky Mountaineer is a terrific way to see Canada’s Rocky Mountains. You might even combine the train trip with a cruise to Alaska’s inside passage (partnering with Holland America largely, but other cruise lines are possible too.)

Once you decide to cross off that “bucket list” trip idea, and actually put yourself on a Rocky Mountaineer trip, you must choose your level of service.  There are 3 distinct options – Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, and Red Leaf. Gold is a bi-level dome car with 4 hosts on board to ensure you are pampered with a separate dining car, hot meals, and plenty of libations. Gold Leaf has the dome windows that allow you to unobstructed views of all the majestic glory.  Silver Leaf has 2 hosts on board, and offers 1/2 level dome windows with hot meals and beverages served at your seat.  Red Leaf has 1 host on board, and offers regular train window viewing with chilled meals served at your seat.

Here is a class of service video that will walk you through each level service.



There are terrific destinations to choose from too!  The Rocky Mountaineer can visit Banff, Kamloops, Seattle, Calgary, Lake Louise, Vancouver, Jasper, Quesnel, and Whistler.  You can choose the “First Passage to the West” from Vancouver to Calgary (with starting or ending points in Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, or Vancouver). You might also choose the “Rainforest to the Gold Rush” with a route from Whistler to Quesnel to Jasper. Or, you could choose the new route of the “Coastal Passage” from Seattle to Vancouver on.

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