"Woman in Gold" Inspires Us to Visit Vienna with Tauck

Rainbow St. Laurent is a terrific cinema at St. Laurent mall in Ottawa’s east end. Manager Carol Usher invited me for a couple of weeks to invite clients, friends, and ‘meet up’ folks to come learn about Vienna, and see this excellent movie.
Carol set me up with a small table in the lobby, so it was terrific to connect with clients and  ‘meet up’ friends, and meet new people who have an interest in Vienna .
It was terrific to profile my partners at Tauck River Cruising too, for those who were enticed to go see Vienna after the movie. Tauck Tours offers fantastic river cruises and land tours that visit Vienna. They are a fantastic and award-winning company.
There are several trips that Tauck does to the elegant and incomparable Vienna, but these 5 may be particularly of interest if you want to visit Vienna.:
1.) The Blue Danube (the #1 best selling itinerary) details here
2.) The Danube Reflections (which spends more time in Austria than the Blue Danube, and the Amsterdam-Budapest itinerary spends one full day in Vienna ) details here
3.) The 24 day “Grand European Amsterdam- Black Sea (which also spends one full day in Vienna) details here
4.) The “Yellow Roads of Europe” motorcoach itinerary (Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna, Prague) details here (there is also a version of this trip focused for those with Jewish heritage) and
5.) The terrific Culturious trip (Budapest, Vienna, Prague) also a motorcoach tour details here
Here’s a little video about who Tauck is, and what it is that they do.
And here’s a little video about the Imperial Evening in Vienna, and a night at the Palais Pallavincini.
Here’s a little bit about Rainbow Cinemas http://www.rainbowcinemas.ca/

Here is a movie synopsis:
WOMAN IN GOLD is the remarkable true story of one woman’s journey to reclaim her heritage and seek justice for what happened to her family. Sixty years after she fled Vienna during World War II, an elderly Jewish woman, Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren), starts her journey to retrieve family possessions seized by the Nazis, among them Klimt’s famous painting ‘The Lady in Gold’. Together with her inexperienced but plucky young lawyer Randy Schoenberg (Ryan Reynolds), she embarks upon a major battle which takes them all the way to the heart of the Austrian establishment and the U.S. Supreme Court, and forces her to confront difficult truths about the past along the way