Anguilla – Time to Learn More about this Elegant Lady

anguilla boat meSee me? 

(Tilley hat…)

See you?


I can fix that!

That’s me, catching a boat to Sandy Island. I was heading over for a bit of sun and fun with my fellow Anguilla Travel Connoisseurs . Yup – you can hate me. I had the best possible kind of “lunch and learn” there is.

If you want to have a late “lunch and learn” here in Canada, you can ignore the snow and freezing rain outside your window, and instead dial in to learn about this beautiful island. Anguilla is just a 20 minute sea shuttle from St. Maarten. Doesn’t that sound better than whatever you’d planned tomorrow?  C’mon – you know you’d rather be in this picture.

Ah, Anguilla – no all-inclusives, no cruise ships, no jet skis, no casinos, no chain hotels, no crowds, and no fast-food outlets. Just the best beaches in the world, and a laid-back, uncomplicated island – and all the time and space to enjoy a 3×16 mile strip of paradise. (Oh, and there’s 100 restaurants too – so, don’t think the lack of a MacDonald’s means you’ll go hungry. Instead, Anguilla offers beach bbq’s, the best beach bar in the world, and 5* dining experiences .)

If you’re a client of mine (either current or future) you can sign up to participate in a Virtual Travel Talk that Vision 2000 is hosting tomorrow with the Anguilla Tourism Board. Please call (613-837-0699) , email me (, or sign up here  if you’d like to participate in the webinars. There’ll be one at 4pm and another at 8pm est. 

Dale Pusching, who heads up the Anguilla Tourism Board in Canada, will give a fabulously informative talk about the elegant lady that is Anguilla.

Ah, Anguilla – isn’t it time you learned more about this elegant lady?