Bachas Beach – Santa Cruz Isla, Galapagos

In November, I visited Ecuador and Galapagos Islands with an Adventure by Disney trip. Here’s a little video sampling.


We had a wet landing from the zodiac that brought us from our cruise ship, the MV Explorer II, to Bachas Beach on Santa Cruz or Indefatigable Island.

And we spent an hour walking along the beach.

We saw flamingos, sea and coastal birds, and marine iguanas.


we saw salt bush, spiny bush,
mangroves, holly tree, and cactus.
The sights and colours and contrasts  were amazing.


The black rocks against the blue ocean, with the ship  in the background.
And we saw turtle tracks.


What a beautiful island.
later that afternoon, even did a little snorkeling.
Let me know if you’d like to visit!