Our Process

Allow me to share with you how I now work with all clients.

I do my work in a very particular way.

Each of my clients experience what I call “collaborative travel planning.” It is a multi-step process that makes sure we make the most of each step of working together. It’s my promise to you, and it is the way that I work with all of my clients.



Firstly, as we go down this path together, we have to learn about each other. I’ll spend time discovering and understanding why you travel, what experiences you are looking for from travel, what have been extraordinary trips for you in the past, and which trips have been less than ideal.  There is much more involved than the simple who/ what/ where/ how of the upcoming trip. We should understand what is on your life list, and how this trip fits into the overall plan to maximize your “return on life.”

Secondly, we’ll collaborate on building a plan for this particular experience that will clarify exactly what your wants, needs, and desires are for this trip; and we will commit to moving forward together. I’ll design a customized experience that meets your wants, needs, and desires; and recommend the luxury travel plan that is unique to you.  I will use various collaborative travel planning tools (such as Umapped) to seek your input in the design and crafting of your experience. From our first conversation to your return, your vision of what your vacation should be is being fulfilled. As we agree upon a plan, I’ll then pull out all the stops with my colleagues, suppliers, onsite destination specialists, and all of my Virtuoso hotelier and cruise partners; and will work to VIP you wherever possible.

Thirdly, while you’re away, I’ll be overseeing your investment. I’ll be checking on your journey, checking on details, and making sure that all is going well.  You’ll be off on your travel dream, of course, but when you return, we’ll get together to review how everything went – because this is a collaboration. (More here https://lushlife.ca/what-is-collaborative-travel-planning/ )

This is how I work. I need to know that you’ll be comfy working with me. This is what I believe, and I have a process.

So, next, you need to know, and you need to understand, how the dollars and cents are going to work here. As a professional travel advisor, my services are fee-based.  I have an engagement fee of $250, plus gst, that begins the planning process with new clients.

This $250, plus gst, investment is for the design and supervision of your travel experience. The investment gives you access to me as we go through every step in your experience.

The cost of the trip itself is determined by the hotel, the guides, the car, and all the other ingredients; and we’ll decide those things together.  While I focus on luxury, I can generally work with most budgets, and with the engagement fee of $250, plus gst, we can get going.

Shall we get started?

Give me a call, and let me help orchestrate your travel dreams!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran