Booking a Cruise Yourself vs Through a Travel Advisor

Would you book a cruise on your own vs through a Travel Advisor?

As a travel advisor, I have more tools at my fingertips than “Google.”

I’ve invested time and money to build my skills and knowledge over
17 years in travel (+20 years in financial risk management ).

Most consumers only see the tip of a travel advisor’s ‘work iceberg’. But there’s so much going on beneath the surface.

I safeguard a client’s investment in their travel. I act as my client’s fiduciary.

I have insider knowledge about the cruise lines, and know their strengths and weaknesses. I also know their current boarding requirements for vaccination and testing and more.

I know how the various cruise lines have weathered the CoVid storm, and which of them provide the best value, experiences, service, etc.

I have also taken over 30 ocean cruises, 5 river cruises, and 4 expedition cruises. I’ve been to most of the destinations I recommend – and can share not only my destination expertise but also my expertise with the cruise line.

I have met most of my travel supplier cruise partners face-to-face- and am talking to many each week. So I have built relationships, and have established trust that Google does not. (Plus I’ve earned certifications with their various expert programs.)

I know my business development managers at the cruise line partners, and often their bosses. If and when issues arise, I can reach out to my friends and colleagues to seek their assistance in resolving them.

Plus, Lush Life is an affiliate of Vision and Direct Travel, and we’re members of the Virtuoso consortium, I often get access to special offers that you cannot get on your own. This can range from onboard credits to private shore excursions to private sales.

Want to consider a pre and post cruise stay? I can help you there too, and ensure we’re dealing with a vetted and trusted supplier.

I can share my viewpoint about the various cruise line partners, and help matchmake you to the right cruise partner foryou.

My sales metrics have earned access to client experiences that Google cannot find, nor book.

And – I have earned high quality and validated client testimonials – so I am accountable for the promises made, that Google does not.

Travel is my business, but it is also my passion.

You can leverage my expertise and connections to travel better yourself.