Exploring the World By River

This month, I’m shining a light on one of the hottest travel trends for 2022: river cruising.

The old adage is ocean cruises take you to a country. River cruises take you through the heart of a country.

Unpack once, and watch the world glide by from a river cruise ship.

River cruising was really made for social distancing. First of all, the largest cruise line¬† has 190 people. You have smaller groups doing shore excursions. Also, health and safety protocols change with the country you are sailing through – so, the protocols met go with the most stringent requirements. (i.e., if you’re sailing through Austria and Germany, and Austrian requirements are higher than Germany’s, your river cruise ship has to meet Austrian requirements.)

Most river cruise cabins are intended for only 2 people (very few have the ability to have a 3rd passenger). River cruising isn’t intended for large multi-generational friendly sort of holiday with rock climbing walls, etc – in fact, several lines have a minimum age of 18years old. Most travelers who chose a river cruise are already well travelled, and looking for culture and history.

I have run a “Beginner’s Guide to River Cruising” as a zoom presentation for clients that I will rerun later this month. And I have a beginner’s guide to river cruising that you can download as a complimentary gift from me too.

Plus you can take advantage of these great offers, and discover the most beautiful rivers in the world – from the Amazon to the Chobe, from the Rhine to the Danube, from the Po to the Mekong, and more besides.

The rivers of the world are waiting to be explored and this month we are excited to share with you my Travel Spotlight on River Cruising. I have partnered with some of our top river cruise partners to bring you the best value to help you explore the world, one river at a time.






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