Butterfield and Robinson – An Active Partner for Your Family

Many know Butterfield and Robinson (B&R) as a cycling and walking company, but it is much more than that. Butterfield and Robinson are a VAST supplier.  VAST = Virtuoso Active and Specialty Travel.  But B&R’s real skill is making the ordinary extra-ordinary.

As outlined on a recent VAST webinar for Virtuoso agents such as myself, B&R noted that by setting the stage for making unforgettable travel moments with exceptional service, constant innovation, and sophisticated choices, B&R helps their travelers to celebrate life in the world’s most incredible destinations!

My clients, and all Virtuoso travelers, are discerning ones. They seek the unique, and the authentic. And B&R is all about that – with  group walking and biking, private ready-to-book trips, and even more bespoke trips.

Group walking and biking will always be core to B&R’s offerings, but private travel is now becoming a big part of their portfolio.

There are 3 ways to travel privately with B&R that may or may not involve biking and walking.

Two years ago, B&R launch self-guided itineraries in Burgundy, Tuscany, and Provence. These trips are for independent travelers looking to travel without the guide and without the van support.  B&R takes care of hotel accommodations, and luggage transfers, and one meal and one event throughout the trip. A B&R rep meets travelers the first day to ensure bike fittings, and to share route and maps and notes for their trip.

The ready-to-book collection is off-the-shelf private experiences that are curated by B&R, that are operated by their local DMC operators, and local guides.  These are generally multi-sport active and cultural experiences that are made for small groups, and allowing for a great price point. The most popular ready-to-book trips this year have been Ecuador, Galapagos, and Bhutan.

The signature bespoke product is the highest level of B&R service. These are fully customized itineraries and are supported and hosted by B&R guides from beginning to end.  These range from perhaps a private departure on one of their group trips to a blank canvas itinerary that is tailor-made from the ground up.

And the newest offerings are a portfolio of Virtuoso exclusives designed just for Virtuoso clients. South Africa and Peru are now ready for sale. New Zealand is coming soon. These ready-to-book trips partner to show the best there is at a destination. They include deep cultural immersion, access to amazing locals, exclusive events, with as much or as little active excursions as the clients would like. Because these are private, they can be tweaked to meet your needs.

There is a trip to suit your family and/or group!

What are their top 3 destinations right now?

1. Bordeaux to Dordogne Biking

2. Puglia Biking (with a casual bistro option too)

3. Myanmar Biking

Call me to learn more about this Virtuoso partner! Live Lushly!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran