Experiential Travel Makes You Happier


All travel is good, family time is even better… but there is something that is best!  And that is – investing in experiential travel!
Don’t just take time to be together – spend your time doing something that is valuable to your family, and do it together.
Here’s an article from “lifehack” that outlines 8 reasons why those who spend money on experiences are happier. Click here.  Quick synopsis?
1.experiences can’t be quanitified
2.experiences help define your purpose and passion
3.experiences introduce you to different wordly perspectives
4.experiences teach you life lessons
5.experiences help you express gratitude
6.experiences are unforgettable and joyful memories
7.experiences are exciting and challenging
8.experiences are meaningful for you, or else you wouldn’t spend $ on them
Feeling inspired?
Experiential travel makes you happier!
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Sheila Gallant-Halloran