Go to Galapagos w Robert Bateman & Lindblad Expeditions

I traveled to Galapagos last November, and it was a wonderful experience.

So, I can heartily recommend a trip to Galapagos for anyone – and Vision has a fantastic exclusive trip to the Galapagos with Lindblad Expeditions – plus – we have Robert Bateman hosting our cruise.

We just had a webinar with Robert Bateman, and Lesa Bain of Lindblad Expeditions, talking about our special trip to Galapagos on November 28, 2014.

Here are some nuggets:


We just had a galapagos is the garden of eden” says Robert Bateman, on phone with him and @LindbladExp right now

“the galapagos is other-worldly…like you are on another planet, abundant with wildlife,” says Robert Bateman on phone w @LindbladExp now

Robert Bateman credits Lars Lindblad w comfortable adventure travel @LindbladExp – Lindblad does conservation trips

Lindblad and Quito mayor set up Galapagos as national park – so they were there from beginning @LindbladExp

Bateman says esprit de corps and encyclopaedic knowledge of the staff and crew makes Lindblad stand out – passengers also self-select – these are not princess cruise passengers looking to go onboard shopping – they are looking for authentic experiences

Robert Bateman is looking forward to returning to the Galapagos and seeing the blue-footed boobies and the marine iguanas and all the wildlife – one memory stands out is him snorkelling with the sea lions – Bateman says, “you have no idea of the surprises in store for you”

lars lindblad was the first person to take non-scientific people to antarctic @LindbladExpand

and @Expeditiongal talks about @LindbladExp partnership with @NatGeo – ships, vessels, and amazing men and women – become a citizen scientist

the young men and women who work onboard @lindbladexp ships are not talking at you, they are talking to you – their excitement is palpable – very hard for you not to get excited as well

cool tools for guests – incl open bridge policy onboard @LindbladExp – all snorkeling gear, u/w divers w cameras if u want to stay dry, ROV

the rov onboard @LindbladExp shoots film @NatGeo which you can see onboard – but it is also real research

glass bottom boat – you don’t have to get in the water if you don’t want to

and they do kayaking too

certified photographers onboard or natgeo featured photographers

National Geographic Endeavour  accommodates 96 guests with  50 outside cabins – lots of opps to watch whales

fly into guayguil – overnight – go to group charter flight to galapagos – met by expedition team – within 30 minutes on a zodiak on way out to join National Geographic endeavour – get in rooms, quick drill safety, and then before you know it, you’re on an island like north seymour island

each of the Galapagos islands are very different – you will see the marked difference – different species, different interactions

giant tortoises can survive for long time with no food or water – great supply of fresh meat for olden days atlantic crossings @LindbladExp

onboard – many activities- the choice is yours

cool tools for exploration onboard @LindbladExp – half of what you want to see is underneath you – @LindbladExp gives you that

the galapagos penquin can live on the equator because of the currents that bring colder water to the galapagos @LindbladExp @Expeditiongal

you can choose your pace onboard too – it’s at your speed, so you can get the most of what you enjoy

if you choose, you can do a morning activity or island exploration- and you can download photos too after morning’s activities

if the afternoon, after a siesta and sustenance, you can go do more

daily recaps are done too – you can map out what you want to achieve on your next day of exploration

Contact me for further information:

Sheila Gallant-Halloran

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Notes on the Cruise itself:

“As we moved toward shore in our landing craft, the dawn light washed over a scene from Hades—the contorted shapes of spiny marine iguanas clinging to barren lava rocks. But this inhospitable introduction was deceiving. The Galapagos are so isolated that its birds and other animals have had little contact with humans and are therefore nearly as tame as if they lived in Eden.”     (from “Birds” by Robert Bateman)

This expedition will take you to the Galapagos Archipelago, Darwin’s living laboratory and home to an abundance of wildlife. Isolated from the mainland for millions of years, it is that rare wilderness where animals have no instinctive fear of humans. Experience up-close encounters with unique species such as flightless cormorants, marine iguanas and domed giant tortoises. Offered by Vision Travel, this expedition will fundraise for the Bateman Foundation, a national public charity that offers programs and services that encourage people to put nature first in their lives.


Expedition Highlights:

  • Snorkel amid shimmering fish, sea turtles, penguins and playful sea lions.
  • Cruise to pristine islands, and walk among colonies of animals and birds unfazed by your presence.
  • Observe rare giant tortoises in the wild.
  • Explore waters of the Galapagos by kayak, glass bottom boat or zodiac.

Tour Cost:

 $6,490.00 – $10,420.00 USD per person (depending on the cabin category) solo cabins available

Tour Cost includes:

  • 10 days/9 nights : Seven nights’ shipboard accommodations in Galapagos
  • Two nights’ accommodations in Guayaquil at fine hotels
  • A $500.00 income tax receipt from The Bateman Foundation
  • Internal airfare from Guayaquil, Ecuador to and from Galapagos
  • All meals and soft drinks aboard ship
  • All transfers
  • Galapagos National Park entry fee
  • Use of snorkeling equipment, kayaks and wetsuits
  • Services of the Expedition Leader, Naturalist Staff and expert guides, Lindblad/ National Geographic certified photography instructor, undersea specialist, wellness specialist, video chronicler, and ship physician
  • All port charges

Costs not included:

  • Airfare to and from Guayaquil from participant’s point of origin.  However Vision Travel would be happy to arrange this on your behalf
  • Meals not indicated as “included”
  • Passport expenses, baggage/accident/health/cancellation insurance, items of a personal nature, such as laundry, alcohol, e-mail, voyage DVD, discretionary
  • Gratuities to Naturalist staff and crew.


  • Passports must be valid until at least June 8, 2015
  • A signed and dated copy the Vision Travel booking form and $1000 are required for Vision 2000 to confirm the reservation.
  • Mandatory travel and health insurance are required for each participant. Details of medical insurance as well as contact name and telephone number of an emergency must be supplied to Vision Travel at the time of final payment.
  • Trip cancellation insurance is recommended.

About Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman’s life is an unbridled love affair with nature, and he has a genius for painting that love on canvas. Bateman is also a tireless voice for reason in our relationship with nature, and serves as a beacon of hope in the environmental movement. As we rationalize economic and social ‘progress’ with what looks like opportunistic destruction of the planet, Bateman holds an optimistic vision that we can protect the environment and see a prosperous future for our children.

“We have a duty to pass the planet along to future generations in as unspoiled a way as possible. This requires intelligence, foresight, understanding and creative effort.   For over 40 years, Lindblad has been introducing generations to the magic and mystery of the Galapagos.”

– Lars-Eric Lindblad

Prices are per person based on double occupancy.Guayaquil, Ecuador to Guayaquil, Ecuador
aboard National Geographic Endeavor
Departs November 28th, 2014
10 days