Costa Rica with Adventures by Disney

Want to reconnect with your kids, and do something out of your comfort zone. How about building memories of doing things together as a family that you just have to push yourself to do?

I have some group space blocked until February 25th as an exclusive departure to Costa Rica.
The trip is June 28, 2014 – 6 nights, 7 days in Costa Rica,  How about you come and do some ziplining, whitewater rafting, learn about the green sea turtles, walk through a rainforest, and get immersed in a new culture with your family?
All with Adventures by Disney’s hassle free guided-group travel.  As a busy working mom, I know how appealing that sounds to me. The thought of not lifting a finger on a family trip sounds pretty neat to me!
Here is a pdf with the full details on the itinerary costa rica – full itinerary
Have you even heard about Adventures by Disney before?
No worries, if you haven’t. But…. I bet you have heard about Disney!  I bet you know Disney’s expertise with family vacations, and how they put little touches of magic into everything they do. I bet you also know that Disney puts safety and security at the forefront of everything they do.
So, if you come to Costa Rica with Adventures by Disney and I, you can expect Disney quality and Disney branding to be there. There won’t be theme-park rides (well, there will be some awesome white water rafting, and ziplining), and Mickey and Minnie won’t be there…. but, there will be a fantastic, safe, and high quality family adventure product run by the biggest and best family entertainment company in the world.
Adventures by Disney is not new to the family adventure travel market. They’ve been putting together family vacation trips since 2005. They have adventure trips to 25 destinations worldwide, covering 6 continents. And….Adventures by Disney (or ABD) is also Disney’s highest guest rated Disney Vacation brand.  Considering that all Disney Parks vacations have ~a 75% repeat guest rate, the fact that ABD is the highest rated of all Disney Vacations (that includes Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Aulani, Disney Cruise Line, and more) should tell you they are doing something phenomenal.

Adventures by Disney is family soft adventure trips done up right!

Wanna learn more? Watch this webinar that Vision Travel recently hosted with Adventures by Disney.

Virtual Travel Talk - Adventures by Disney
Virtual Travel Talk – Adventures by Disney
Here’s the specially discounted group pricing I have for the June.28.14 departure – and I have exclusive access to this until February 25th (next Tuesday):
$3299/ Adult USD and 

$3129/ Child USD


I still have some double, triple, and quad rooms left.


This is a great discounted rate, and Disney is anxious for me to open up the block to mix in with others they have on the waiting list for this date. If you look at the pricing for the week prior that is currently available to the public, the group space I have offers an $800/p savings over what you see here for the week prior to ours on June 28, 2014  See here!rates-dates  So, this is a phenomenal offering that I still have access to as a private group. (Note: the pricing doesn’t include air.)

Some of you will know the quality immediately, and have no issues with the value of an ABD trip; but to others who haven’t heard much about ABD, this might seem a little expensive for a vacation, even with the $800 savings. If so, it’s likely because you’ve not yet been exposed to how special an Adventures by Disney vacation is.

Here are some to think about with the Disney difference:
  • ABD provides an authentic family experience, with activities for everyone.
  • ABD works on a 4-5* model, with accommodations that are true to destination.
  • There is focus on VIP treatment, and admissions to private tours.
  • Two adventure guides accompany the group of max 40 people the entire time (this is not your 4000+ guest cruise experience!)
  • Generally, ABD guides are from all walks of life, and are renowned for their knowledge,insights, and passion.
  • With two guides on a trip, you generally will have one guide who hails from the US or Canada, and another who hails from the destination For Costa Rica, the gudes will speak both English and Spanish.
  • The two adventure guides will be enthusiastic guides, trained in family fun.
  • The two adventure guests are also supplemented by local guides along the way (e.g., a naturalist to teach us about the turtles) – and it’s possible there could be 5 guides with our group at any one time – that’s a terrific guide to guest ratio!
  • ABD focuses on authentic dining experiences too. (And if there are food allergies, the guides will manage that for you, and engage with the chefs along the way on your behalf.)
  • ABD focuses and nature and adventure – you get close to nature on this trip
  • ABD is a group travel company – the minute you step off the plane, you are greeted by a friendly face, and you never have to touch your luggage 
  • ABD focuses on storytelling not lecturing – guides focus on making learning fun, and bringing history to life (e.g., the guides might dress as historical figures)
  • ABD helps you strengthen and build relationships– you strengthen your own family bonds, doing something fun together; but you’re also travelling with, say, 8 other families – often making life-long friends along the way
  • ABD is run by an entertainment company, so Disney provides resources, and their knowledge, to creating activities for kids from 4-18, while still having adult-oriented activities going on at the same time (e.g., kids can do a scavenger hunt in an art museum, while adults learn on a different level with a docent)
  • With the Costa Rica adventure, there are lots of opportunity to push yourself if you’re up for anactivity out of your comfort zone. There is lots of peer support (not pressure) to encourage you along the way – but if you’re just not into the ziplining, that’s ok too – with two guides, no one is ever left alone. No one is ever forced to do any activity.
  • There is a lot of programming for “junior adventurers” (guests 4-11) with activity for them.
  • There will also be special activities/ learning styles geared towards older children/ teens.
  • One night on the trip will have “junior adventurers” evening, with a special kid-friendly activity planned to make them feel like VIPs (eg. pizza and movie night). This affords mom and dad the opportunity for a “date night” if they choose (but many times the parents want to be with the kids!)
  • ABD are great for multi-generational family trips. Grandparents often accompany mom and dad and grandkids on these family adventures – you can choose to do as much or as little as you wish.
  • There will be plenty of time to connect as a family – but – your kids will also have other kids to interact with, in a safe and secure environment, all while exploring a new culture, and getting to do some pretty awesome things

I have already done an Adventures by Disney trip to Ecuador and Galapagos last year, and I can tell you, they know how to take care of every little detail.

Watch this Disney video about their Costa Rica trip.

Adventures by Disney | Costa Rica
Adventures by Disney | Costa Rica

Here are some more details about the itinerary. Join me in Costa RIca

Let’s laugh together!  And… calll me…. before Tuesday, the 25th!  Pricing will go up!