Inspired by Ray Zahab & Impossible to Possible


I heard Ray Zahab speak at the Vision Travel conference in November, and was inspired.

If you don’t know Ray’s story, check out , watch his Ted talk, or watch the documentary with Matt Damon about how Ray ran the Sahara.


Did I mention he didn’t used to run at all?  It’s amazing to see how a non-runner could change his life – and RUN the Sahara!

Impossible to possible! No limits!

So, as a next step, he just had to found to help inspire kids to push themselves.

I had to meet this guy – especially since he lives across the river in Chelsea, Quebec, and his wife hails from Newfoundland. Cosmic connection.

We’ve met for a very brief hello, and I helped with some preliminary travel; but I am now standing back, and cheering for Ray and his team as they run across the Patagonia desert this month. I can’t believe the Sahara wasn’t enough!

I’ll be cheering from Ottawa, and trying to embrace the “impossible to possible” mentality for 2015.  No limits!

The guys from “Impossible to Possible” even jumped on my twitter chat last week to share a little of the journey currently underway. See transcript here.

So – how will you push yourself in 2015?

Sheila Gallant-Halloran