Landmark Calendar Date has Cancun Celebrating

As reported in the May 3, 2012 edition of “Travel Courier,” this is a year of celebration in Cancun, with the destination joining others in closing out the current Maya calendar and welcoming a new era. Cancun is embracing a “new beginning” which invites people to “Think and behave differently by exploring the evolution of humanity, and redefining our experience in the land of the Maya.”

Despite the naysayers, the earliest Mayan calendar shows no hint of the world’s end…  So, why not focus on the renaissance?Chichen Itza: Mayan ruins in Yucatan Mexico

Travel Courier reports that the Cancun tourist boards says that this is the “perfect time to come to Cancun to recharge your energies under the Caribbean sun, embrace a civilizaiton that dates back to 2600 BC, while marveling at ancient Mayan ruins or experience something you’ve never done before, like swim with a whale shark or dive into a cenote.”IMG_8505

As we near Dec.21, the last day of the Mayan calendar, Cancun will announce celebrations to welcome the new era. By integrating the Maya mysticism to a Cancun vacation, activities can have a different purpose in 2012, such as:

Mother and daughter (9-11) sitting on beach near sand castle (1527R-1203532 / 200374044-001 © Exactostock)You’re not just building sandcastles, you’re cultivating the earth;

and you’ve not just snorkeling, you’re living in harmony with other species.mexico-13-snorkel-riviera-maya.jpg