Travel Tip – Get a Tilley Hat

Everyone in my family has a Tilley hat!  We wear them all the time, and especially make sure we take them on our travels. They are the best all-around hat – besides the fact that they float if they fall overboard, they are wide-brimmed and give fantastic shade.  

And they’ll keep your head dry in a rainstorm (and ours have been tested many times in Orlando, since we’ve been to Disney 20 times now).  The hats are also good for getting your  head wet – but that’s not the normal use, of course – our kids often fill the hats with water and then put them on when they’re feeling particularly overheated on a theme park day. (Nothing like a quick douse to cool off!) And Tilley hats also have terrific chin straps, so they won’t blow off in a windstorm.

Of course, I’m very proud that the hats are Canadian-made. See this recent article in the Ottawa Citizen about the owner, Alex Tilley.

Tilley hats  have a multitude of styles and colours – and even have little kid styles.  

And – they really stand out! 

You can spot a Tilley hat  from far away, and it’s always nice to “meet” another Tilley hat wearer when you’re away from home. We’ve also had many a conversation with strangers who’d like to buy a hat like ours. (Thank goodness for the “brag tags” inside. Ordinarily, you can store money or room keys when travelling inside your hat- but we end up going inside the flap to get the “brag tag” to give a new friend – passing on order/ store details to them so they can get their own Tilley.)

 Buy yourself a Tilley hat!  It’ll be the best advance-travel purchase you make.