Mickey loves the Grand Gathering of a Family Reunion

This weekend, I’ve been helping a couple of clients plan family reunions at Disney. The groups are slightly different – but generally there’s a mom and dad with a couple of kids, a couple of aunts and uncles (or cousins) with kids, sometimes a friend or two, and grandma and grandpa.  Mickey still loves the grand gathering of a family reunion.

There is still a “Grand Gatherings” department. If your group has 8 or more people, I can set up a “grand gatherings” for your travel party.  Room reservations are then tied together with a “grand gatherings” number.  Grand gatherings are the best way to ensure multiple rooms are as close together as possible.  While adjoining/connecting rooms are never guaranteed, having a “grand gatherings” number certainly elevates your party to the top of the room configuration list.  The Disney room assignment folks generally map out room assignments 5 days before you arrive – and they always do “grand gatherings” first.  Mickey loves for families to come together and play, so they do everything they can to ensure family reunions and/or blocks of friends travelling together can stay close together. This is important if you’re at a 2000+ room hotel.

But, if room assignment isn’t a big deal, there are still benefits to having a “grand gatherings” set up. I sometimes have clients with family members having differing budgets and interests in terms of resort hotels. No worries. As long as folks are travelling the same dates, and we have 8 or more, we can still set up a “grand gatherings” number- even if one family is staying at the Pop Century, one is at the Port Orleans Riverside, and one is at the Grand Floridian.

The benefits to the “grand gatherings” number also entitles groups of 8 or more to participate in special “grand gathering” celebrations.  If you have a “grand gatherings” number, I can also arrange some magical gatherings for your group, such as :

1. the “good morning character meal at Tony’s Town Hall Tavern” – only for parties of 8+

2. the safari celebration, which involves your group taking the last Kilimanjero safari of the day, and then having a special meal at Tusker House (with characters Timon and Turk of Lion King)

3. a special banquet at Odyssey House in Epcot, followed by vip seating for Illuminations

4. a Magic Kingdom fireworks cruise

So, if you’re thinking about visiting Mickey, and have a party of 8 or more, be sure to give me a call.  I can set up a “grand gathering” for your family group.


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