Guest blog, Rebecca Page-Concierge Home Services while on Vacay

 Today is guest blog Monday, and I have my client, Rebecca Page, sharing her expertise and views for arranging Concierge Home Services while you’re on vacay. Check out Rebecca’s website at the end and/or give her a call to connect by phone or email to the person who takes care of your area for house and pet sitting. (Or you can complete the online form which will direct to the right office, based on your postal code).


Planning for a trip is an exciting time. Lots of thought is put into planning your destination, but what about the place you are leaving behind?

Lots can go wrong in your home while you are away. And sometimes that damage won’t be covered by your home insurance. The fine print of your policy requires that the house not be left vacant and unattended for specific lengths of time. In the 10 years that Concierge Home Services has been providing home checks and pet sitting, I’ve seen many examples of this.

We’ve found backyard hoses left on in the summer, and furnaces switched off in the winter.

The worst horror story was a family who left for a short ski trip, and came home to find that the living room ceiling had collapsed onto the TV. There was a lake of water in the basement. A window had been left open in the bathroom, causing a pipe to freeze. Water had been pouring for days. It was a huge, expensive mess, which their insurance would not cover. Their policy had required home checks every 48 hours during the winter months, and they had not arranged for that while they were away.

Needless to say, their travel planning checklist now includes calling Concierge!

A home check is $20 + HST and covers a visual inspection of windows, doors, furnace, and ceilings. Plants can be watered, mail brought in, and lights changed. Garbage and recycling can be brought to the curb on the usual day.

Pet owners get all the benefits of a home check. So, in addition to knowing that their home is safe, clients will know that their beloved pet remains in the comfort of home. It is an ideal situation for cat owners who want to avoid kennels. Over the years we have looked after fish, birds, rabbits, hamsters – even turtles! Fresh food and water is put out, litter and cages are cleaned, and we always make room for playtime.

For peace of mind while you are away from home, consider calling Concierge for home checks or pet sitting as you plan your next trip.

Concierge Home Services provides total household management to busy homeowners. With 4 Ottawa offices and 2 awards from the Better Business Bureau, they are your ideal choice for home checks and pet sitting as you prepare for your trip. Find the office near you at their website

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