Mother Earth

It’s time to celebrate Mother Earth!


Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours. And Happy Mother’s Day to Mother Earth!


I’m very proud of my daughter, Ceili Halloran, who chose to do her grade 9 science project on sustainability to focus exclusively on “Sustainable Tourism”.

Have a look at what Ceili did! I’m sure you’ll agree she did an excellent job with all her own research, voiceovers, video editing, etc for an 8 minute documentary project for her school, Elmwood.

Many thanks to Ashish Sanghrajka for his kind assistance to Ceili, in giving a zoom interview, and sharing his passion and photos of Big Five Tours & Expeditions’ water filtration project in Guatemala. (This isn’t the first time Ashish and Ceili have partnered up. Ashish came to Elmwood to talk to Ceili’s grade 4 class. And Ceili has served on Ashish’s “Precious Journeys” board of directors to help design itineraries for kids.)

Since she’s now presented to her class, I have Ceili’s permission to share on social media and in my newsletter.

So on this Mother’s Day, as we think about where we came from and the impact we will leave on the world, let’s also spare a moment for Mother Earth.

Let’s make sure when we travel again, we have a Conscious Comeback!  Travel sustainably. Make the spots you visit better because you choose to travel. Make a difference.

Let me help you!