Newfoundland and the Wonderful Grand Active Potpourri

I’m currently writing this from my home province of Newfoundland. I’m visiting my mom, and catching up with family right now, and then tomororrow we’re making our way by car and ferry to Fogo Island Inn. Have you heard about this magnificent Virtuoso hotel in Newfoundland? See here
Do you know the story about Fogo Island Inn?  Read about ZIta Cobb’s social entrepreneurship here . You can be sure that next week’s newsletter will have lots of pictures about my experiences, but for now, I’ll share that Fogo Island Inn is doing art workshops this summer. See blog. They’ve also done photo workshops, and will likely be repeating next year. See blog
Besides the 5 VAST (Virtuoso Active & Specialty Travel) tours/ visits to Newfoundland, here’s another by VIrtuoso partner Entree Canada that visits the Fogo Island Inn. Details here.
Wonderful grand!  (Oh, if you’re not from Newfoundland, that phrase itself is a tip of the hat to these guys. Here’s a throwback to “Sonny’s Dream.”)

Here is a sampling of some VAST trips to Newfoundland and the Grand Active Potpourri.

1. Butterfield & Robinson Newfoundland Walking Tour
2. Butterfield & Robinson Discover Newfoundland Bespoke Tour
3. Lindblad Expeditions Canadian Maritimes & Newfoundland 

4. Canada by Design Newfoundland Discovery

5. Silversea Cruises Kangerlussuaq to St. John’s
Let me know if I can help you get away on a wonderful grand adventure!
Sheila Gallant-Halloran