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Walking & Wine Holidays & Exodus 10%
Small Group Active Travel
This Wednesday, I co-hosted an active travel talk on “walking and wine holidays” around the world, with my active travel specialist, Pat Rochon.  We had a great group of 30 or so people come out at the last minute on a hot July evening in the middle of Ottawa crazy summer traffic/ construction/ Blues Fest. And Pat delivered a great presentation.
It was great for the group gathered to learn about how small companies are combining two of the hottest travel trends to deliver a holiday experience. Pat gave an engaging talk about how you can learn about the wine regions in the company of a small group of fellow enthusiasts, while enjoying the nearby countryside and scenery on a series of walking tours, all on the same vacation. Pat has now been to 144 countries around the world, many of them on a walking and wine tour, and his love for small group travel shone through, plus he offered some great tips and suggestions for tours to Italy, France, Spain, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, and South Africa.
Those who’d attended told me how much they enjoyed hearing Pat speak.
But one of the benefits I can extend to you, as my client – whether you were able to attend this presentation or not, is that my partners at Exodus have given me a 10% discount off of all their trips (save polar) for two weeks around the show date of July 15th.
The 10% off offer is exclusive to clients booking through me – and is applicable to Exodus’ tremendous walking and wine holidays – but it is NOT restricted to just those walking and wine offerings. It is applicable to all Exodus trips (save polar). I’ve already booked some folks to do the same Baltics cycling trip that Pat just returned from, and was able to accord that booking 10% off as well. See here
Exodus has been leading adventure travel tours for over 40 years to all seven continents.
You can walk Puglia
or you can walk the great wall of China.
You can climb Kilimanjaro
or you can cycle in Mexico

There are oodles of options!

So, if you’re looking to do a small group active holiday, I encourage you to look at Exodus’ holiday offerings here http://www.exodustravels.com/ca/types-of-holiday and give me a call.
Contact me for more details!

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